4 Reasons to Fit Security Screens VS Roller Shutters to Your Home’s Windows

5 April 2023
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Security screens and roller shutters can both be fitted over your home's windows to provide added protection, but which one is right for your property? While each option offers its own advantages and drawbacks, most homeowners will find that security screens make more sense than roller shutters. Here are just four reasons why. 1. Admits Light and Air Security screens are very adept at keeping unwanted visitors out of your home, and yet they still let light and air stream inside. Read More 

4 Reasons to Add a Boiling Water Tap to Your Kitchen

12 December 2022
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You've heard of hot water taps and cold water taps, but have you heard of boiling water taps? These provide boiling water on demand, and they can make a great addition to any kitchen. Here are just a few reasons why you should include one as part of your next kitchen renovation. 1. Added Convenience Probably the most obvious benefit of installing a boiling water tap is that they're so convenient. Read More 

How to Safely Showcase a Floral Arrangement in Your Home

5 August 2022
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Fresh flowers make homes smell lovely and look more elegant. Whether you have the flowers delivered or you pick them up yourself, ensuring you've got some new blossoms brightening up your home really can help you feel a lot better. Of course, if you buy these beautiful flowers, you want them to really shine and be a focal point in the room. To do this, you'll want to display them prominently and with a lot of light — but you'll also need to keep safety in mind. Read More 

Two Errors Parents Make When Decorating Their Young Children’s Bedrooms on a Budget

19 April 2022
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Here are some common mistakes parents make when decorating their young children's bedrooms on a budget. They buy curtains that have no blackout lining Curtains that have blackout lining are usually more expensive than those without this lining. If a parent wants to, for example, splurge on a new bed for their child or some other item that will use up much of their modest budget, they may then opt for non-blackout curtains for their kid's bedroom so they can afford to do this. Read More 

Decking For Beer Gardens: 5 Reasons To Choose Composite

31 January 2022
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A beautiful, comfortable beer garden is practically a must for any pub, giving your patrons a place to relax and soak in the rays. Adding solid decking to your beer garden can have both aesthetic and practical benefits. A deck will give your patrons a safe, slip-resistant surface that will withstand heavy foot traffic far better than grass or turf, and a well-maintained deck can beautify any outdoor space. However, traditional timber decking can be expensive and has a number of shortcomings. Read More